The C.I.M.A box factory specializes in the production of packaging of various shapes and sizes. The realization of our products takes place according to the needs and customizations requested by the customer and are the result of the company’s decennial artisan experience. Our products can be used for various items such as wine, clothing, knitwear, personal hygiene items, leather goods, perfumery. In addition to customized packages and boxes, the C.I.M.A. produces corrugated cartons, boxes and a wide range of packaging accessories such as:

– neutral or colored printed tissue paper of different grains, cut to measure according to the customer’s needs;

– white or black wadding, cut to measure according to the customer’s needs;

– neutral and personalized adhesive tapes;

– other complementary material for packaging such as shoe inserts, labels, booklets and fabric bags;

– templates and die-cut cartons for filling and shaping footwear.

shoes boxes

The C.I.M.A box factory specializes in the design and production of customized boxes, in particular boxes for shoes. These handcrafted products can be made according to the customer’s needs and customizations. The boxes are in solid cardboard with bottom and lid coupled internally and wrapped externally. The boxes are made to measure and can be designed with front or other point die-cutting, with an eyelet or other suitable accessories according to the customer’s requests. They can be of various sizes and colors. Custom boxes for footwear can also be used for clothing in general, knitwear and other sectors such as leather goods and various objects.

Furthermore, the C.I.M.A. designs and manufactures a whole series of accessories suitable for shoe boxes: neutral or printed and color tissue paper, white or black wadding, die-cut cartons and complementary material such as labels and fabric bags.

the company: logistics and warehouse

Custom boxes, wavy cartons and packaging are products based on the decennial artisan experience of the C.I.M.A. box factory.

The box factory offers logistics and 6,000 square meter warehouse services to all its customers, based on their needs. We also guarantee maximum flexibility both on production dimensions and quantities, with no minimum order and a warehouse storage service in our headquarters in Sant’Elpidio a Mare (Fermo).